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22 Tips From A Criminal Law Specialist

Raleigh Criminal Law Attorney Tips

1. Never Speak To A Police Officer!
2. What You Should Say To A Police Officer?
3. You Should Tell The Officer You Want To Speak To A Lawyer.
4. You Always Have The Right To Remain Silent.
5. Don’t Lie To An Officer.
6. An Officer Is Supposed To Charge A Suspect With A Crime.
7. Never Give Anyone Permission To Search Your Property!
8. What To Say When An Officer Stops You For A Traffic Violation.
9. What To Say To An Officer After You Have Been Drinking And Driving.

10. Don’t Perform The D.W.I Field Sobriety Tests!
11. Should You Take The Roadside Portable Breath Test?
12. Should You Take The Alcohol Breath Test At The Police Station?
13. When An Officer Pulls Me Over, Should I Consent To A Search? No!!
14. Officers Will Push You To Consent To An Otherwise Illegal Search.
15. What To Say When An Officer Questions You About Drug Possession.
16. What To Do When Officers Knock On You Door – Don’t Answer It!
17. When May An Officer Break Into Your Home Legally?
18. What Is A Misdemeanor Crime?
19. What Is A Felony Crime?
20. A Convicted Felon Can Never Possess A Gun.
21. A Domestic Violence Assault Means You Can Never Posses A Gun.
22. What To Expect From Your Attorney.