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Do I Need a "PJC"?

Do I need a PJC

Raleigh Lawyer for “PJC” (Prayer for Judgment Continued)

“PJC” stands for Prayer for Judgment Continued. If you plead guilty or the court finds you guilty at trial, then the judge must enter a judgment in your case. Depending on the case and your record, the judge may find you guilty but decide not to enter a judgment of guilty. Instead the court can enter a judgment of “PJC”.  That means you still pay court costs but no fines.

A “PJC” is also an order by the court that a driving conviction not affect your DMV points or auto insurance points. The DMV will recognize two “PJCs” during any five-year period for each individual driver. If the court grants you more than two “PJCs” during any five-year period, then the DMV will give you credit for the first two and disregard the rest. That means if you get a third “PJC” within five years, then the DMV will give you DMV points for that third conviction, even though the judge ordered otherwise.

Each insurance household may use one PJC during any three-year period to avoid an insurance increase. An insurance household includes every person covered by your insurance policy. If one person uses a PJC, then no other person covered by your insurance policy may use a PJC for insurance purposes during the next three years. If your insurance household uses more than one “PJC” during any three-year period, then your insurance company may give you additional insurance points for each additional “PJC” conviction during any three year period.

Every situation is unique.  When you hire us, we will get an official copy of your North Carolina DMV record to determine if a “PJC” will help you.  We will also review your driving record for free if you send us a copy. To speak with a traffic ticket violations lawyer today, contact McCoppin & Associates, Attorneys at Law, P.A., at 919-481-0011.