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Do I Need a Federal Attorney on State Charges?

Federal Attorney on State Charges

Raleigh Attorney for State or Federal Charges

Both State and Federal law govern serious felony offenses like drug trafficking, armed robbery, felony gun possession and white-collar crimes.  Some people are first charged in State court only to have their case transferred to Federal court.  These people often hire an attorney in State court only to learn that their State court attorney will not represent them in Federal court.

Most State court attorneys are either unqualified or unwilling to appear in Federal court.  When a case is transferred to Federal court, the State court charges are dismissed, the State court attorney has no further obligation in the case, and the client has lost all the money he paid to the State court attorney.  Now, the client has no money left to hire a Federal court attorney and the State court attorney won’t refund any fees.

I am one of the few attorneys who is a Board Certified Specialist in both North Carolina State Criminal Law and Federal Criminal Law.  When I am representing someone in State court and their case is transferred to Federal court, I continue to represent them until the case is concluded.

If we suspect that a case may be transferred to Federal court, I quote one fee for State court and another for Federal court.  If the case is transferred to Federal court, then all of the money paid on the State case is credited toward the Federal case.

If you are charged with a serious felony like drug trafficking, armed robbery, felony gun possession or a white-collar crime, please call me to discuss your case.  I represent people accused with serious criminal offenses throughout North Carolina’s State and Federal courts.

As a former Wake County prosecutor with over 20 years experience representing people charged in both State and Federal court, I can identifying the strengths in your case and use them to your advantage.  Our strategy is to plead not guilty, prepare for trial and force the prosecutors to try to prove you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  A plea bargain is our last resort.  My goals are to keep you out of jail and avoid criminal convictions.  You should expect that I will get you the best possible result under your circumstances.  Please contact me for a free consultation so we can begin resolving your case.

Please contact Andrew McCoppin for a free consultation by calling 919-481-0011 or filling out this convenient online contact form.  Don’t take chances with your future – obtain the services of McCoppin & Associates, Attorneys at Law, P.A., today.